We Develop Innovative Construction Cycle Technologies

Empowering Hybrid Building Construction with Automation and Robotics Solutions

Our technologies span across all the key areas of value creation.

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    We offer comprehensive architectural and engineering design solutions tailored to your project’s unique requirements.

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    Our expertise lies in the robotisation of prefab manufacturing and supply chain management, optimising efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

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    We utilise cutting-edge, in-house technology for the robotic assembly of prefab building modules, ensuring precision and efficiency in construction.


Our goal is to develop a comprehensive end-to-end design tool that encompasses all stages of the process, from architectural concepts to detailed design documentation, enabling us to provide fast and accurate final estimates and specifications.

We equip designers, engineers, and contractors with the tools they need

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  • Our model relocates all possible construction site operations to the production environment.

  • This is extensively robotised and automated to enhance cost-efficiency and productivity performance.


Our structural system enables rapid on-site building assembly, eliminating the need for highly skilled labour.

R&D centers in Berlin are dedicated to enhancing property affordability and promoting efficient, sustainable, and safe construction processes.